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02.07.2011, 14:30
Ostavljajte linkove ili prepisite tekstove o F1.

02.07.2011, 21:13
Malo o novim pravilima za motore od 2014.


1. The World Motor Sport Council voted on 29 June 2011. What did it decide?

Following consultation with the various Formula 1 stakeholders and the current Formula 1 engine manufacturers, the WMSC has ratified the adoption of a V6 turbo engine to be used in Formula 1 from 2014 onwards. This required changes to the regulations initially adopted by the World Council on 3 June 2011. The full regulations applicable to the 2014 season will be published in due course.

2. Will a V6 use more fuel, or have inferior economy compared with the original proposal?

No. To push the engineers to develop engine efficiency, the technical regulation imposes a fuel flow control. When evolving the regulation to fit with the manufacturers' new request this parameter has not been changed. Thus the efficiency requirement will be unchanged.

3. Why has the rev limit been increased from 12,000rpm to 15,000rpm. Is this purely to enhance the sound of a Formula One car?

No. This parameter has been updated from 12000rpm to 15000rpm to allow engineers more flexibility in power and energy management. However, as a consequence of the new architecture (V6) and the change in rev-limit, the engine will sound different, but will remain representative of Formula 1.

4. Will the increase in rpm alter fuel consumption?

Absolutely not. As mentioned above, the fuel flow limit will stay the same. The technologies are the same and as a consequence any increase in rpm will constrain the engineers to work harder on reducing friction and gaining on engine efficiency. The challenge will be even bigger than originally planned and will therefore enhance the technological lead of Formula 1.

5. Has the FIA retained the energy recover devices originally intended to be used in conjunction with the I4 engine?

Yes, the concept initially presented is respected. All of the technology intended for the I4 is still present. This new power plant will be a dramatic step forward in both fuel efficiency and in energy management.

6. Will those manufacturers already engaged in the development of a four-cylinder engine face increased costs now they need to redirect their resources toward designing a V6?

To our knowledge, five manufacturers were working on the proposed 4-cylinder engine. They will all need to adapt their project and this will surely involve some additional costs, depending on how advanced each project was. This evolution has been proposed and supported by all four engine manufacturers currently involved in Formula One.

7. Why is the introduction of the new generation of engines now being delayed by year?

The decision to delay the introduction until 2014 comes at the request of the four engine manufacturers currently involved in Formula One. Their request for extra time is linked to the change in architecture but also to ensure their projects are more robust (one of the goals of the project is to enhance engine durability to c.4000km)

8. Will these energy recovery systems and other efficiency devices ultimately influence the development of road cars?

Yes. The clear need for the automotive industry to reduce emissions means energy management will increasingly become a key factor in the development of more efficient powertrains. Kinetic energy recovery is already applied in Formula 1 and the introduction of exhaust energy recovery will add another technology route to be explored. Formula 1 will also return to its role as a developer of turbo-charger technology. This research will have real-world benefits, contributing valuable knowledge that will be of use to future road car development.

Combustion engine specifications:

- 1600cc, V6
- 15000 rpm max
- Direct fuel injection up to 500bar
- Single turbocharger
- Controlled fuel flow

Energy recovery and storage systems specifications:

- Kinetic, 120kW on the rear wheels
- Exhaust energy recovery linked to the turbocharger

04.07.2011, 13:42

Objavljena saradnja izmedju Meklarena i Virdzina, zanimljiva kombinacija. Saradnja je pre svega tehnicka i Meklaren ce dopustiti Virdzinu pristup tehnickim postrojenjima, pre svega vazdusnom tunelu. Meklaren ce takodje poslati grupu svojih inzenjera, verovatno mladjih da se obucavaju u Virdzinu. Ovakvi potezi mogu ih konacno pomeriti sa dna karavana.

04.07.2011, 22:50
Lewis: Could be worse, could be at HRTMonday 4th July 2011
http://www.planetf1.com/images/icon-rss.gif (http://www.planetf1.com/rss/3213)

Lewis Hamilton says if he won one World title that would "massively suck" but, on the upside, he "could be down at HRT".
Hamilton won the Drivers' Championship title back in 2008, only his second season in Formula One. However, since then he has failed to even reach the Championship podium, finishing fifth in 2009 and fourth last season.
And it appears as if this campaign will also pass without another title to his name.
Hamilton is currently fourth in the standings on 97 points, a massive 89 behind Championship leader Sebastian Vettel.
"It would massively suck if I only won one World title - massively suck," Hamilton told The Express.
"It would feel like a waste of so many years. A lot of people say it's just about participating, but it's not.
"I want to win. I'm here to win. It's all I care about, it's what I live for. Second feels less devastating but third, fourth is not good.
"Then you have to look at things, you could be down at HRT F1 and be finishing 20th or worse. I wouldn't be able to race then."
As for reigning World Champion Vettel, the German bumped Hamilton out of the record books when he clinched the crown last season, becoming the youngest-ever World Champ.
And last time out in Valencia, he also overhauled the McLaren driver in number of race wins, now having 16 to Hamilton's 15.
Hamilton, though, is hoping Vettel doesn't get too far ahead of him in the wins column as that would most likely equal more titles for the Red Bull driver.
"He won the World Championship at a younger age than me, taking me out of the record books," said the 26-year-old.
"I just hope he doesn't get too far ahead of me in terms of wins.
"If you have the car and starting from pole position then winning the race is not too hard. Starting from farther back is much harder."
Asked whether it was the Red Bull RB7 or Vettel that was claiming the victories, Hamilton says that while the car is great, so too his title rival.
"In that car, definitely. You saw Mark Webber start all the way at the back in Shanghai and got up to third. That car is phenomenal.
"He (Vettel) has got lots of qualities - massively competitive, massively quick. At the moment, he has a very strong head on his shoulders."

Vanja #66
05.07.2011, 08:30
Williams prelazi na Renault motore na sledece 2 godine i ko zna na koliko nakon toga:


Dakle, od sledece godine Renault ce imati 1/3 svojih motora na startu svake trke... Nije lose za Francuze...

05.07.2011, 11:15
Bernie će tužiti FIA-uhttp://f1-serbia.com/templates/youbumpit/images/emailButton.png (http://f1-serbia.com/index.php?option=com_mailto&tmpl=component&link=aHR0cDovL3d3dy5mMS1zZXJiaWEuY29tL25ham5vdmlqZ S9iZXJuaWUtY2UtdHV6aXRpLWZpYS11) http://f1-serbia.com/templates/youbumpit/images/printButton.png (http://f1-serbia.com/index.php?view=article&catid=1%3Anajnovije&id=3121%3Abernie-e-tuiti-fia-u&tmpl=component&print=1&layout=default&page=&option=com_content&Itemid=53) http://f1-serbia.com/templates/youbumpit/images/pdf_button.png (http://f1-serbia.com/najnovije/bernie-ce-tuziti-fia-u/pdf)

Bernie Ecclestone nije srećan sa planovima o prelasku na V6 motore, pa će tužiti FIA-u.
Prošle nedelje je upravno telo motorsporta, potvrdilo odluku o prelasku na V6 1,6 turbo motore, sa KERS sistemom, od 2014. godine.
Medjutim, ta odluka nije dobro prošla kod Bernia Ecclestonea.
„Novi motori nisu Formula 1. Oni ne zvuče ni slično Formuli 1“, rekao je „tata Formule 1“, Bernie Ecclestone.
„Promoteri trka veruju, da će novi motori oduzeti sve ono što ljudi žele, kada idu na trke Formule 1- glamur i buku, i zato neće moći da prodaju ulaznice, i neće biti u stanju da nam plate“, rekao je Ecclestone.
On veruje da FIA-ini planovi direktno krše trenutni ugovor, koji on ima sa njima, pa je dodao da će „možda“ tužiti FIA-u.

11.07.2011, 10:08
Pozdrav ljudi,

evo i par mojih intervjua koji sam odradio za naš sajt f1-serbia.com. To su intervjui sa mladim vozačima, pa evo vam link ako želite da ih pročitate.


Pozdrav i uživajte

11.07.2011, 18:20
Pozdrav ljudi,

evo i par mojih intervjua koji sam odradio za naš sajt f1-serbia.com. To su intervjui sa mladim vozačima, pa evo vam link ako želite da ih pročitate.


Pozdrav i uživajte

svaka cast :D :ajde:

12.07.2011, 11:17

:f1: :f1: :f1: :f1: :f1:
:party: :happy:

Kako bi ovo bilo sjajno da se desi, taman da Red Bul premosti godinu dve do Ricarda. Kimi je trenutno najbolji vozac na trzistu kojim mogu zameniti Vebera.
Inace u tekstu pise da je Fetel u jednom intervjuu na pitanje: Koga zelis za timskog kolegu odgovorio: Kimija.

12.07.2011, 13:01

Pa to je fenomenalno, mada su postojale neke spekulacije i ranije... videćemo...
Juuupiiii :njt:
Raikonen umesto Vebera u Red Bulu? (http://www.b92.net/sport/automoto/f1.php?yyyy=2011&mm=07&dd=12&nav_id=524879)

Vanja #66
12.07.2011, 13:12
Op, op, op, pa jos cemo mi videti Kimija u F1... Jao majko draga, pa da li je to moguce, pa imacu trojicu ljudi ya koje mirne duse navijam... Ali, zna se, onaj koji je u crvenom bolidu ima prednost!!!

:f1: :njt::f1: :njt::f1: :njt::f1: :njt::f1: :njt::f1: :njt::f1: :njt::f1: :njt::f1: :njt::f1: :njt::f1: :njt::f1: :njt::f1: :njt::f1: :njt::f1: :njt::f1: :njt:

12.07.2011, 13:16
Ja se ovome uopste ne radujem,cak mislim da ce RB izgubiti,ali to je vec njihov problem...
U svakom slucaju neko ko ima karakter i ko zeli da se trka do kraja ce biti kaznjen zbog toga,sjajno!

12.07.2011, 14:20
Ja se ovome uopste ne radujem,cak mislim da ce RB izgubiti,ali to je vec njihov problem...
U svakom slucaju neko ko ima karakter i ko zeli da se trka do kraja ce biti kaznjen zbog toga,sjajno!

A da li ti je smetalo što svojevremeno Barikelo nije imao karakter?

12.07.2011, 14:27
Dzaba njemu karakter,ali timskih naredjenja ce uvijek biti,to je cinjenica i ja cu uvijek postovati one vozace koji ce do kraja da se trkaju,dva puta ih vec Veber ne slusa,to je za ogromno postovanje.Sumi bi svakako dosao do titule,bilo naredjenja ili ne,ali da mi smeta,smeta mi...

12.07.2011, 14:34
Dobro. To sam htela da čujem, mada nema veze Šumijeva titula, već princip.
Očigledno da je toga bilo i biće, nažalost. A zna se šta se dešava sa nekim ko ne sluša naređenja, u bilo kojoj sferi, a tek gde je veliki novac u pitanju....
Protiv Vebera nemam ništa protiv, čak suprotno, ali Kimija mnogo gotivim. :D

12.07.2011, 14:54

:f1: :f1: :f1: :f1: :f1:
:party: :happy:

Kako bi ovo bilo sjajno da se desi, taman da Red Bul premosti godinu dve do Ricarda. Kimi je trenutno najbolji vozac na trzistu kojim mogu zameniti Vebera.
Inace u tekstu pise da je Fetel u jednom intervjuu na pitanje: Koga zelis za timskog kolegu odgovorio: Kimija.


12.07.2011, 15:10
Vettel kaze da bi voleo Kimija za kolegu :facepalm: Kimi vozaca poput Vettela ne bi sljivio ni 5% , slupao bi ga ladno u duelu xD TJ ne bi prosle fore u pola sezone kao sa Webberom da ne napada , doduse Kimi je 2008 propustio MASSU ali to je bilo 2-3 trke do kraja ali u pola sezone ni bi on to ...

Vanja #66
12.07.2011, 15:18
Vettel kaze da bi voleo Kimija za kolegu :facepalm: Kimi vozaca poput Vettela ne bi sljivio ni 5% , slupao bi ga ladno u duelu xD TJ ne bi prosle fore u pola sezone kao sa Webberom da ne napada , doduse Kimi je 2008 propustio MASSU ali to je bilo 2-3 trke do kraja ali u pola sezone ni bi on to ...

Za pare, sve bi uradio... 2007. je bio najplaceniji vozac u F1, seti se, tad je osvojio titulu...

Samo, ako Kimi dodje i ako nije zaboravio da vozi skroz, imacemo vrlo lepih tro- ili cak cetvoromeca izmedju njega, Seba, Alonsa i Lewisa... Jao, ide mi voda na usta... :D

12.07.2011, 15:30
2010 sezona i 2011 su za ovu deceniju natprosecno zanimljive (2011 tek treba da bude) ali Kimi bi stvarno bio kao slaga na tortu i da se opet bori protiv Sumahera a i ostalih.

John Doe
12.07.2011, 18:20
Dzaba njemu karakter,ali timskih naredjenja ce uvijek biti,to je cinjenica i ja cu uvijek postovati one vozace koji ce do kraja da se trkaju,dva puta ih vec Veber ne slusa,to je za ogromno postovanje.Sumi bi svakako dosao do titule,bilo naredjenja ili ne,ali da mi smeta,smeta mi...

Slazem se sa tobom, Veber je moralni pobednik. Takodje i za Sumahera, Barikelo bi mogo imati vise poena od njega, jedino da su Majklu polomili najpre nogu, a cim se vrati i ruku :)

Za Raikonena nemojte mnogo da se primate, pricali su i prosle godine da ce u Reno, pa nije bilo nista od te ljubavi. Ja bih iskreno hteo da ga vidim, najvise zbog toga da imamo sto vise sampiona na gridu :D

Mislim da je 2007. najplaceniji bio Alonso. Cak sto vise bas sam siguran, jer se secam rasprave sa jednog foruma, gde se jedan pozivao na neki hrvatski sajt, koji je objavio vest da Raikonen dobija preko 50 mil €...

Vanja #66
12.07.2011, 18:28
Da nije onda mozda 2008. bio najplaceniji, znam da je bilo nesto oko 80 miliona u pitanju? Isto je ovako bilo i za Raikkonenov prelazak u Ferrari, nije bilo sigurno sve do Monze, ali pricalo se o tome bar 5 trka pre toga... Meni je licno njegov prelazak u Renault bio nemoguc, jer Renaultu nije trebao neko ko ce im traziti pare vec neko ko ce im doneti...

John Doe
12.07.2011, 18:47
Ti si u pravu. Bio je 2007. a ova rasprava je bila za sezonu '08. Alonso kad se vratio u Reno, je dobio velike novce.

Vanja #66
12.07.2011, 18:49
Ti si u pravu. Bio je 2007. a ova rasprava je bila za sezonu '08. Alonso kad se vratio u Reno, je dobio velike novce.

Hju, dobro je, vec sam pomislio da ludim! :D

Miss Poison
13.07.2011, 20:14

Za sad toliko o Kimievom dolasku.

Vanja #66
13.07.2011, 20:19
To je prva informacija, mada ne sumnjam u njenu tacnost... Steta! No dobro, ako sad nece doci Kimi mora neka ruga promena nastati... Verovatno ce sutra to izaci i na f1.com i ostalim sajtovima...

13.07.2011, 23:10
Tako treba :)

Slippin' Jimmy
13.07.2011, 23:16
Evo par tekstova sto sam nasao o Webberu :D

13.07.2011, 23:21
Ovo je vrlo bitno i drago mi je sto neko to razumije :)

He would be a very bad racer had he not tried to attack and gain a position

Horneru se sigurno ne svidja sto ne slusa,ali zna se ko je gazda :D

Vanja #66
15.07.2011, 14:35
Jao, blago Rusima! :D

A Alonso kaze da je pobeda na plecima Ferrarija, ne na plecima FIAe:


Voleo bih da je tako, a onih 20s prednosti sugerisu da je to vrlo moguce...

25.07.2011, 20:47
by Negative Camber on Jul 24, 2011 in People & events
Po navodima Ferarija Alonso je čist što se tiče kontrole goriva posle trke. Kao što je poznato FIA zahteva min. 1 litar goriva za testiranje posle trke. Stefano Domenikali je izjavio da su posle prolaska kroz cilj tražili od Alonsa da se zaustavi, da ne bi nedostajalo gorivo za testiranje. Po njegovoj izjavi, sada je to gotovo i zaustavljanje Alonsa je bila predostrožnost.
Po svemu sudeći i taksiranje Alonsa od strane Vebera je prošlo bez kazne pošto su stjuarti zauzeli stav da je ta usluga bila prihvatljiva.

Ja nisam upoznat sa pravilom koji to brani ali su neki spominjali da je to kažnjivo.

25.07.2011, 21:34
Nisam ni ja znao za to, kontam da je zbog bezbednosti. Mada su te scene stvarno legendarne.

27.07.2011, 11:17
Will Gray
Tech Talk: How Hamilton won in Germany

Tue Jul 26 02:54PM
http://l.yimg.com/i/util/anysize/376,http%3A%2F%2Fa323.yahoofs.com%2Fymg%2Fwill_gra y__1%2Fwill_gray-832338355-1311691640.jpg%3Fym4dGZFD_BL1SMWa?v=2

In a frantic German Grand Prix fought between three drivers from three different teams (and not including runaway championship leader Sebastian Vettel) it was Lewis Hamilton's day - but how did he do it?When Hamilton stepped out of his McLaren after Friday practice he said pole was out of the question but warned: "It's the race where we're able to do the most damage..." His predictions were a little off the mark on Saturday, as he did almost have the pace for pole, but he was certainly right for Sunday.
Red Bull were rattled by the pace of both McLaren and Ferrari and also by the fact that Vettel had a rare and unexplained drop in form, with Mark Webber becoming the main contender for the team this time around.
It was a close battle between the top three in the race - Hamilton, Alonso and Webber - and while tyres were a major factor once again, this time it all played out in a very different way.
Early in the weekend, it was clear that of the two tyre types provided by Pirelli - soft and medium - the latter was significantly slower and neither was going to wear particularly harshly in the cool temperatures at the Nurburgring.
With the rules stipulating teams must use both tyre types in the race, it seemed teams would want to run the medium tyre last and for as little time as possible - and sure enough Hamilton, Alonso and Webber all went for three stops, with a soft-soft-soft-medium strategy.
Hamilton took to the front at the start but lost the lead when Webber played the classic ‘undercut' move on lap 14.
This is a now well-practised technique used when drivers are within a few seconds of each other coming up to a round of pit stops. The driver behind will try to leapfrog the man in front by pitting for new tyres first then trying to set a fast out-lap on typically much grippier (and therefore faster) fresh rubber, gaining an advantage big enough to stay ahead once the other driver has made his stop.
Webber was half a second back on Hamilton when he pitted but he came out in traffic and, apparently thinking that would hamper his progress on the new rubber, both Hamilton and Alonso stayed out for two laps before both making their stops on lap 16.
In the cool weather, the tyres did not get to working temperature as quickly as normal - but with two laps to get them up to speed Webber was still able to gain the advantage, and he took the lead.
In the second set of stops, the difference between Webber in first and Hamilton in second was again just over half a second and again Webber pitted first of the three on lap 30.
Crucially, however, this time Hamilton pitted just one lap later and Webber had not been able to do enough on that one lap with new tyres to make the gap to stay ahead - so Hamilton took the lead.
The same happened to Hamilton on the next lap, however, as Alonso pitted and came out ahead - but this time Hamilton was close enough to have a go, his tyres were grippy enough to make it stick and he grabbed the lead back with a thrilling move around the outside of the Ferrari, with Webber now sitting just behind in third.
Webber faded in the next stint, making it effectively a two-horse race to the finish - but there was still one roll of the dice and that was when to make the switch to the harder tyres.
From practice, it appeared that a fresh medium tyre was around 1.5s slower than a fresh soft tyre. As the soft tyres degraded, however, there was a point at which the performance from a new medium would match or better the performance of a worn soft. Picking when that would happen was crucial.
McLaren deemed that moment to be lap 51, at which point leader Hamilton had a two-second advantage over Alonso.
Hamilton's last full flying lap with the soft tyres, on lap 50, was a 1:35.5 and his first full flying lap with the medium tyres, on lap 53, was a 1:34.8. Point proved - yet Ferrari left it not one but two laps after Hamilton's stop before they reacted to bring in Alonso.
Alonso matched Hamilton's in-lap and beat his out-lap by a full second - but the Ferrari driver's extra two laps on slower worn soft tyres was enough to keep Hamilton ahead. Webber, who stayed out longer than both and had therefore taken the lead on the road, was lapping slower and still had to pit, so when he did so all Hamilton had to do was drive it home to the finish.
It was a combination of perfection from both McLaren and Hamilton, then, that secured the victory. The team got the two elements of the tyre strategy spot on and the Briton's pass on Alonso in the second set of stops was crucial to pulling the whole thing together. No wonder Hamilton was so emotional after such an intense fight.



02.08.2011, 12:30
Od danas cu se truditi da vam svakodnevno u ovom tredu donosim vesti sa raznih sajtova. Nesto poput buletena, samo gledajte da diskutujete u temama, da ovde ne izazovemo konfuziju.

Helmut Marko kaze da je Ricardo validan kandidat za jedno od mesta u Red Bulu i Toro Rosu. Takodje je Vebera nazvao ,,drugi Australijanac`` i kaze da ce se on penzionisati 2012. E sad da li posle ove sezone ili posle sezone 2012, nije bas najjasnije. Treba uzeti u obzir da je Marko ovako najavio penziju Dejvida Kultarda.


Sa druge strane, iz RBa stize kontradiktorna informacija sa prethodinim, Horner kaze da je pred Veberom jos 2, 3 godine trkanja. Takodje kaze da ce ugovor sa njim biti produzen do kraja letnje pauze.


R (http://www.autosport.com/news/report.php/id/93603)ed Bul kaze da ih drugi kopiraju.


Brijatore prica da je moguce da ce preuzeti neku ulogu u Ferariju u skorije vreme. Takodje kaze da je Fernando Alonso jedan od najboljih vozaca svih vremena, da je bolji od Sumahera i da ce imati vise titula od njega :lol1: Izlapeo covek, sustigao ga nocni zivot.


Nik Hajdfeld i dalje poziva Reno da mora da se popravi i da je do Spa poslednja sansa da se spasi sezona.


Kosvort tvrdi da njegovi motori mogu da ostvaruju pobede :facepalm:


Truli ljut na FIAu sto nije kaznila Pereza, kaze da je sekao sikanu kod odbrane pozicije.



02.08.2011, 17:13
Ne znam sto bulazne iz Kosvorta,po brzini su daleko iza,ali motor je tim timovima najmanji problem ::)

Razgovori izmedju Liucija i HRTa oko produzenja ugovora

Intervju sa Di Restom :)

Nebojsa i na mene racunaj za one slike naravno :D

03.08.2011, 17:57
Pireli objavio koje mesavine ce se koristiti u narednim trkama:
Belgija, Italija - srednja, meka
Singapur - meka, supermeka

Ipak moguca gradska trka u Njujorku.


Zutil optimistican po pitanju performansi Fors Indije na Spa i Monci. Kada se setimo Fizikele i 2009, nije bez osnova.


Barikelo ipak nije siguran kao vozac Vilijamsa za 2012. Pominju se Zutil i Hulkenberg.

http://f1sa.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=30564:f1-sutil-and-hulkenberg-linked-with-barrichello-williams-formula-1-drive&catid=1:f1&Itemid=157 (http://f1sa.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=30564:f1-sutil-and-hulkenberg-linked-with-barrichello-williams-formula-1-drive&catid=1:f1&Itemid=157)

Bivsi tehnicki direktor Ferarija Aldo Kosta mozda dolazi u Mercedes.


Novi difuzor za Red Bul u Spa.


Veber potvrdio da ce njegova buducnost brzo biti odlucena, ali da se nece objavljivati neko vreme. Sastanak sa Matesicem ove nedelje. Najverovatniji ishod - Veber ce voziti 2012 u Red Bulu i onda se povuci.


Kubica na putu oporavka, izgleda da nece povratiti potpuno funkcije sake, ali se situacija popravlja.


Montcemelo ocekuje jos pobeda Ferarija ove godina.


05.08.2011, 21:30
Malo vesti ovih dana, svi pogoni su zakljucani na dve nedelje i vecina vozaca i tehnicara je na kratkom odmoru. Ipak, pocinjemo socno.

Ponovo se prica o mogucem dolasku Hamiltona u Ferari, doduse vise hipoteticki.


Eklston kaze da je moguce vise trka u 2012. od 20, ali da ce ipak verovatno ostati toliko zbog zahteva timova.


Barikelo nije siguran da li zeli da ostane sa Vilijamsom i sledece godine.


Bron kaze da je zaostatak Mercedesa za vodenima sve manji.


I Vidzej Malija iznenadjen nastupima Fors Indije.


B (http://www.autosport.com/news/report.php/id/93641)aton jos ne odustaje od titule


P (http://www.autosport.com/news/report.php/id/93630)ar kaze da Vilijams jos ne odustaje od ove sezone.


09.08.2011, 12:54
The 1937 Avusrennen

An incredible season In 1937 the German national sporting authority wanted to capitalise on the dominance of their racing teams and arranged a special event in addition to the German Grand Prix. The one-off “no rules” race (rennen) they organised ended up taking place on the fastest circuit of all time and featured some of the fastest Grand Prix cars of all time. This, combined with a number of other factors, resulted in one of the most spectacular events in motorsport history.1937 was already a fantastic year of Grand Prix racing. It was the final year of the ‘750kg formula’ which meant it was the last season of almost unrestricted regulations. At the start of 1934 it was decided the only major rule impacting a Grand Prix car’s design would be a maximum weight of 750kg. This was intended to limit the size of the engines that teams could produce, but over a four year period the German manufacturers had mastered the use of lightweight materials to such a point that engines had completely doubled in size. Auto Union and Mercedes were racing with V16 engines in excess of 6 litres that produced well over 500hp.In 1938 new regulations were introduced that restricted engine capacity and since then Grand prix racing has always been governed by increasingly stricter rules. 1937 was the last free-for-all season making the cars raced that year are the favourites of many historians.Not only was 1937 huge year from a technical point of view, but it was also special from a sporting perspective. Auto Union had started racing three years earlier and established themselves as the team to beat in 1936 by totally annihilating Mercedes. Deeply embarrassed, Mercedes responded with the fantastic W25 car and the races between the two teams were so close they were often decided on things like pitstops. This was made even more exciting by the likes of Bernd Rosemeyer and Rudolf Caracciola (http://www.enterf1.com/f1/1930s-Grand-Prix-Who-was-Rudolf-Caracciola.asp), the two most successful drivers of the time.With such a special year, any bonus event was always going to be a great race, but this particular one-off event was epic for a number of additional reasons.

The Avus circuit

The German officials wanted to hold the race at a circuit close to a major population centre to ensure the biggest possible crowd. They used the Avus racetrack in Berlin, which had been used for the German Grand Prix (http://www.enterf1.com/f1-tickets/germany.asp) prior to the Nurburgring, and the result was that over 400,000 spectators came to watch the race. This easily exceeds the modern record of 250,000 at Indianapolis in 2000 and it made for a cracking atmosphere.The Avus circuit was also in its quickest configuration in 1937 making it the fastest racing circuit of all time. It was the most basic of layouts imaginable. Drivers would thrash down a stretch of freeway that was almost 10km long before turning around and heading back. At the end of each straight was a long fast hairpin with a wide radius and slight banking, kind of similar to Turn 8 in Turkey today.In 1937, one of those hairpins – the Nordkurve near the start/finish line – was redeveloped and featured insane 43 degree banking. This made it one of the fastest corners in the world, but also one of the most dangerous. It had no lip or barrier at the top so was dubbed “the wall of death” because it would simply act like a ramp into the scenery for anyone who made a mistake.The following year, Avus was shortened and the second hairpin became much tighter and slower. The circuit was at its prime in 1937.

Formula Libre rules

However, what made this one-off race a truly special event is that organisers declared it wasn’t an official Grand Prix. As such, the 750kg rule need not apply. That was the only rule that restricted car performance and now it was being removed so teams were free to bring whatever car they could dream of.This was especially exciting because it came at a time when Mercedes and Auto Union were pushing the limits of racing technology. They had completely revolutionised the Grand Prix car and their creations produced more top speed than those raced today. Their drivers were only defeated in one single European Championship race over an entire four year period.Both Auto Union and Mercedes were also competing with each other for various land speed records. Both companies had built cars with conventional petrol engines that were capable of pushing 400kph.Now these two bitter rivals, who were already ahead of their time, were being told they could race against each other with whatever they dared to bring. The modern equivalent would be telling Red Bull they could join a one-off race against Ferrari with the prototype X10 that Adrian Newey designed for Gran Turismo 5.All of the ingredients were set for a special race. Two the most dominant teams of the day with some of the best drivers of all time were given free reign to build special cars on the fastest circuit in the world in front 400,000 of their home fans. It didn’t disappoint.

The machinery

Both teams arrived with a mix of machinery. Auto Union used two standard Grand prix cars and another two that were modified versions of their speed record cars. Mercedes used a similar strategy with four slightly different models. Only one of them was a regular Grand Prix car, whilst the others shared features (mainly aerodynamics) with the speed record streamliners.In practice it became clear this was going to be an event like no other. The cars went close to reaching 400kp, and one of the Mercedes drivers had a scary moment when air pockets gathered near his front wheels and actually lifted the front of the car off the ground. He was able to get off the throttle and wait for the wheels to touch back down, but realised that he came within an inch of his life given the lack of protection available. A cloth helmet won’t save you when you fly into the trees at that sort of speed.

The racing

The format of the meeting was that eleven drivers would be split into two heats, with the top four finishers going through to the final. Rosemeyer and Caracciola were drawn against each other in heat one.The conventional Grand Prix cars were able to lead during the first lap of heat one thanks to slipstreaming and their superior handling around the long hairpins. However, once the two streamliners of Rosemeyer and Caracciola hit the front they gradually pulled away from the pack.What started was an epic slipstreaming battle that lasted 15 minutes. Both drivers would pass and repass each other around the 19km lap, and would attack the final banked hairpin with slightly different lines in order to get an edge. During this time, Rosemeyer’s Auto Union clocked a laptime of 276kph, a sensational average speed that has never been seen in any Formula One race since (not even at Hockenheim or Monza before chicanes) and was only matched at Indianappolis in 1971, 34 years later! That sort of speed in a race held more then seven decades ago is just insane.The two cars were separated by nothing heading into the final lap, but it was Caracciola in the Mercedes who won by just four tenths of a second. Amazing - two of the greatest drivers of all time, in two of the greatest cars of all time, on the fastest circuit of all time, separated by just four tenths of a second. What a finish!

Heat two and the final

The second heat was a more comfortable win for Mercedes, despite a close battle for second place, but all eyes were on the final. One Maserati reached the third race courtesy of a few mechanical failures in heat two and lined up against a field of German cars.Mercedes took a different strategy heading into the longer final and told two their four drivers to make a pitstop halfway through the race for tyres. As it turned out several drivers had to pit for tyres anyway due to the high speeds but the podium consisted of three drivers who had made it non-stop.Rosemeyer’s charge in the final was blunted when his V16 dropped three cylinders, but his fourth place made him the highest finishing driver who made a stop. Caracciola also suffered mechanical gremlins and retired when his car became so hot that solder around the gearbox began to melt.The race was won by Mercedes driver Hermann Lang who finished two seconds ahead of Ernst Von Delius in the Auto Union Type C Grand Prix car.

A truly unique event

Mercedes left the 1937 Avusrennen with national pride, and 400,000 fans left having witnessed something very special. Two racing teams with two of the best drivers in history were given total freedom in the regulations on the fastest circuit the sport had ever seen.They would have had reason to feel they had seen the greatest race of all time.

http://www.totalf1.com/full_story/view/388144/1930s_Grand_Prix_The_1937_Avusrennen__The_greatest _race_of_all_time/

Vanja #66
09.08.2011, 14:05
Sve je to lepo, nego Nebojsa, kako mi da procitamo ovaj beli text... :s Moras da ga selektujes pre citanja... :D

09.08.2011, 14:21
Vraca nam se Meksiko :D

09.08.2011, 14:26
Taj Karlos Slim je najbogatiji covek na svetu, ovo je vrlo ostvarivo... Ala ce Zauber tamo obozavati, Serdjo Perez i Gutierez :D

Vanja #66
09.08.2011, 14:54
Pazi ovo, hoce da snimaju film o F1, tacnije o Niki Laudi i njegovom neverovatnom povratku u trku za sampionat 1976. Ovo vrlo lako moze biti dobra stvar! Procitajte ove naslove, Apollo 13, A Beautiful Mind, Da Vicni Code...


10.08.2011, 12:05

Obavezno procitati, razvoj volana Meklarena kroz godine.

Vanja #66
10.08.2011, 12:32
Poslednja recenica, tj. pitanje je kljucno! :f1:

15.08.2011, 11:42
Hamilton: Winning the title not impossible

Lewis Hamilton is refusing to give up on this year’s Formula 1 title, despite trailing current championship leader and Red Bull rival Sebastian Vettel by 88 points. The McLaren driver recorded his second win of the season at the Nürburgring last month, just one week before Jenson Button made it two out of two for the Woking squad.

"I am 88 points behind but it is not an impossible task (to win the championship)," he explained to the Daily Star. "It's a shame we didn't have another race straight away (after Hungary) but there's nothing we could do about that."

"There are 200 points up for grabs and I will enter all the races believing I can win. It is going to be an exciting run-down to the last race in Brazil and I can't wait for the next round in Belgium."

Hamilton believes McLaren can be confident heading into the final eight races of the year, praising the current performance of his 2011 contender.

"Our car's pace is there right now as we have shown with our wins, mine in Germany with the fastest lap and Jenson's in Hungary. The car's on song because of our excellent qualifying pace at both."

Exclusive interview with Pirelli’s Paul Hembery

Tyres have very much been the talking point of the 2011 Formula 1 season, with Pirelli’s brand-new compounds providing the sport with a handful of sensational races. GPUpdate.net speaks exclusively with Motorsport Director Paul Hembery in order to hear plans for the future and find out what he would have done differently…

Hindsight is of course a wonderful thing, but are you happy with the Slick tyre choices Pirelli has elected for so far in 2011?

I think, going back, there’s a few of them we might have changed - sometimes to be a little bit more aggressive and sometimes more conservative. The other thing you’ve got to bear in mind is that we’ve had such varying weather conditions; in Hungary we had relatively cool conditions, but we could have added another ten degrees on a normal late July or August weather prediction for the Hungaroring.

So it’s really difficult from our point of view. What might seem a conservative choice when it’s cold and chilly would actually have been quite a sensible choice if we’d had 35 degrees ambient temperature. So it’s difficult from our point of view to cover all of the basis.

But there are a few tracks where, with hindsight, we could have been more aggressive - I think Nürburgring was one of those – and others where we could have used the new Medium and the Hard compound, which would have been something like Turkey.

Rear tyres could be squarer, or boxier, in 2012 – what are the reasons behind this?
Well, we’re not using the full area of the footprint at the moment and we just want to even out the wear - that gives us more margin, basically. It means that you can have a larger footprint, which should certainly assist the drivers, but from our point of view it means that compounds which might have been at the limit of a choice will suddenly come into play, because you’ll be able to get more kilometres out of them and you can maybe take a more aggressive approach.

We actually knew about that right at the start of the season, to be honest, but because we have to supply all of the data and the windtunnel tyres to the teams it’s not something we’ve been able to change mid-season. With this being the first season we wanted to keep all changes and modifications to a minimum, really, to allow the teams to get used to us.

But certainly in the future we could do a mid-season change to the structure and profiles, particularly if we end up with a mid-season test which would appear now to be on the cards. Getting the tyres onto the cars of the season, not running round in a two or three-year-old car which we’ve been having to do, would offer us a great advantage and maybe open up the possibilities of a mid-season tyre update.

So perhaps, halfway through the season, spend a few days testing in Barcelona?

Doing it before the European season would be ideal, particularly if we go to a track where we’ll be racing at or have already raced at. If I’m talking selfishly as a tyre maker, that’s really what we’d love to do.

Probably, from our point of view, staying on after a Grand Prix would be the ultimate goal because you then have all your race data and can bring along a new product and have a very good chance of being able to benchmark it against your current product.

It would also allow the teams an opportunity to run some new drivers…
Exactly. Four weeks in February was a bit of a surprise for us, coming into the sport; we did wonder why they have chosen that route. The teams have got their reasons, obviously - there’s cost reasons and we understand that. But I think it’s more a case of, if you took one of those weeks and put it mid-season, it would appeal to all of us to be a sensible option.

We’ve all heard about a dedicated qualifying tyre - a realistic option for next year?
We will do anything we can to try and assist the sport. We’re coming up with some ideas and causing the teams to have a little think about things; they worry about tyre allocations, and things like that, because it affects what’s going on in the race.

We wouldn’t exclude, if the sport felt and the fans thought it would be exciting, to have a qualifying tyre – why not? It then becomes an ultimate test, you’ve got that one hot lap. We’ve spoken to a number of drivers who drove when there were qualifying tyres and, I have to say, universally they’ve all said they loved it because there was that bravado aspect of it; you know you’ve got to be in the zone and you can’t make one error because you know you’ve only got that one chance.

So it’s certainly something that, if the teams and the sport would like us to do it, we’d certainly consider it. We’re sounding the teams out now and we’ll also sound out the fans and see what they think as well.

There is one other thing we’re particularly keen to find out. Back at the final pre-season test in Barcelona we were sitting around a table and, with the race simulations going on at that point, you said Pirelli would know who would win the Grand Prix. You couldn’t tell us then. So can you tell us now?

(Laughs) We have some good ideas, I tell you! You can imagine…the one problem we’ve got is the strategy information is so, so sensitive because it does change, as I mentioned earlier. So we don’t like to say anything, even if we do have a pretty good idea.

Of course, we can’t take into account any incidents they might have when racing, any pit-stop issues or just somebody who’s having an exceptional drive beyond what you’ve seen in practice. When you have drivers the calibre of Alonsos, Hamiltons and Vettels, you never know because they can pull some exceptional things out of the hat, as we’ve seen this season.

So we do always have some ideas of where the cars will finish but I don’t think I should be telling you, unfortunately!

Paul Hembery was talking to GPUpdate.net’s Gregory Haines
Twitter: @GregoryHainesF1, @PaulHembery


18.08.2011, 10:02
Ovde imate intervju sa Igorom Salaquardaom, vlasnikom ISR tima, i čoveka koji vodi Daniela Ricciarda kroz Reno seriju. Takodje, imate i malu priču o Red Bull junior programu. Pozdrav

18.08.2011, 19:08
Pogledajte ovo , postavio sam text jer je jako zanimljiv a nzm kako da srocim na kratko :)

Tim Lotus Renoa koji se takmiči u šampionatu Formule 1 u narednom periodu poverenje će ukazati ženi. Kako prenose inostrani mediji Marija de Vilota će biti test vozač. Njen otac Emilio je nekada vozio u Formuli 1, a Marija je već vozila dve godine star bolid R29.

- Kao žena vozač srećna sam zbog šanse da vozim bolid Formule 1. Vožnja u ovom takmičenju je vrhunac moto karijere i o tome sam uvek sanjala - kazala 32-godišnja De Vilota - Vožnja je protekla veoma dobro, uslovi su bili idealni, a u timu su mi mnogo pomogli. Nije mi bilo potrebno mnogo vremena da se naviknem na bolid.

Šef tima Erik Bulije je potvrdio da je zadovoljan što je u timu devojka iz Španije.

- Oduševljeni smo mogućnošću da Mariji ponudimo mesto da vozi R29. Takođe smo ponosni jer talentima pružamo šansu. Uradila je sve što smo očekivali od nje, a zabeležila je veoma dobra vremena - rekao je Bulije.

24.08.2011, 23:35
Evo i teksta o Alexanderu Rossiju, Amerikanca na evropski način:

31.08.2011, 07:42

Bice 2 DRS zone u Monci, jedna na ciljnom pravcu, ali ne od pocetka, i druga izmedju drugog Lesma i Varijante Askari. Detekcija na kraju Parabolike i izmedju dva Lesma.


Vanja #66
02.09.2011, 18:07
Ako je iko sumnjao da ce staza biti zavrsena, vise nema potrebe! :D


Progress ‘beyond expectations’ in India

http://www.formula1.com/wi/225x/manual/whitingindiatweet.jpg (http://www.formula1.com/wi/597x478/manual/whitingindiatweet.jpg) http://www.formula1.com/wi/225x/manual/race_logo_big_canvas.jpg (http://www.formula1.com/wi/597x478/manual/race_logo_big_canvas.jpg) http://www.formula1.com/wi/225x/manual/india5.jpg (http://www.formula1.com/wi/597x478/manual/india5.jpg)

FIA race director Charlie Whiting says progress at India’s new Formula One venue, the Buddh International Circuit (BIC) near New Delhi, is ‘beyond expectations’. That is according to Vicky Chandhok, head of the Federation of Motor Sports Clubs of India, who accompanied Whiting on an inspection of the facility on Thursday.

The BIC, designed by renowned circuit architect Hermann Tilke, will host India’s inaugural F1 race, the 2011 Formula 1 Airtel Grand Prix of India, in October and construction has been underway for several months at the site to the south of the capital in the suburb of Noida.

Organisers consulted several of the Formula One teams before construction of the track began, trialing its layout in various F1 factory simulators in order to tweak its design to guarantee excellent prospects for overtaking before the final 5.137 kilometre version was approved.

“I think we can expect a really interesting and fast track which should be not only quite a challenge for drivers and engineers, but should also provide a number of genuine overtaking opportunities," Whiting told the Times of India this week.

India’s first Grand Prix will take place on October 28-30, and with the project well on schedule, the BIC is expected to undergo its mandatory final FIA inspection in the week prior to the event.

13.09.2011, 15:11

Najnovija vest, Sem Majkl napusta Vilijams i prikljucuje se Meklarenu kao sportski direktor. Sjajan potez za Meklaren, cini se.

Vanja #66
13.09.2011, 15:44
Tja, moz da bidne, al ne mora da znaci... Videcemo. Ko je bio do sad sportski direktor?

13.09.2011, 15:52
Dave Ryan do 2009, od tada nisu imali nikoga. Sem je jako kvalitetan i pametan, nije bitno koju mu poziciju daju. Sada ce biti zaduzen za organizaciju tima na stazi, covek u pozadini, nesto kao sef logistike.

Vanja #66
13.09.2011, 17:28
Nije presudna pozicija, ali je izuzetno bitna, mora da je dobar organizator... To moze biti bitno, mislim da Ferrariju fali neko ko ce ih dobro organizovati, Flavio, recimo... Ali, to ce biti vise u fazonu: Ti tamo, ti ovamo, ti napolje, nista ne valjas! :D

Miss Poison
14.09.2011, 19:44
http://www.cafemontenegro.com/index.php?group=33&news=197250 ''Raznijeli smo ih'', kako opasan momak :D Aj da prodje i Singapur, pa da slavimo :)

Vanja #66
15.09.2011, 14:42
Metallica, Metallica, ole, ole, ole: :D


Indijci su najjaci... :lol1:

Miss Poison
15.09.2011, 18:14
Metallica, Metallica, ole, ole, ole: :D


Indijci su najjaci... :lol1:

Ao carevi :D

15.09.2011, 18:15
Ovo mi lici na jedan od onih trikova da se podigne popularnost nekom dogajdaju. Kontam da f1 nije bas nesto pracen sport u Indiji.

Miss Poison
15.09.2011, 18:19
Ovo mi lici na jedan od onih trikova da se podigne popularnost nekom dogajdaju. Kontam da f1 nije bas nesto pracen sport u Indiji.

A nije ni Metallica nesto popularna u Indiji? Ili se varam?

15.09.2011, 18:22
Da ali dovlacis fanove Metalike iz Azije, nemaju oni cesto koncerte tamo ;) Tako se pokriva eventualni manjak ocekivanih prihoda. Disaperzija rizika, koncentracija zarade. Zato slican trandibal postoji i na singapurskom Gran priu.

Vanja #66
15.09.2011, 20:24
I ucestvuje najbolji bend na svetu tamo... I sviraju bas na moj rodjendan!!! Sta bih dao da sam tamo u subotu! LINKIN PARK!!! :punk:

31.10.2011, 11:01
Evo i intervjua sa Djordjem Simićem
Đorđe Simić – prvi Srbin koji je vozio bolid Formule 1

09.12.2011, 16:40
Intervju sa Tomom Coronelom

10.12.2011, 07:34
Slike sa FIA Gala večeri ...


10.12.2011, 18:49
Kimi Raikkonen se povredio u Austriji !!!

Samo na facebook stranici .... http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=2502261392784&set=o.236048529782518&type=1&ref=nf

10.12.2011, 20:20
Samo je posekao ručni zglob i oslabela mu je cirkulacija u istom.Ništa posebno.
Što postavljaš jedan isti post u tri teme i za Kimija i za Reno i u opšte diskusije?

10.12.2011, 20:42
Samo je posekao ručni zglob i oslabela mu je cirkulacija u istom.Ništa posebno.
Što postavljaš jedan isti post u tri teme i za Kimija i za Reno i u opšte diskusije?

Ne znam ko šta prati i ko gde čita ... A "od viška glava ne boli" ... ;-)

10.12.2011, 23:20
Vettel juče u Nju Delhiju primio trofej


13.12.2011, 11:10
Žan Tod u petak u Beogradu (http://www.b92.net/sport/automoto/automobilizam.php?yyyy=2011&mm=12&dd=13&nav_id=565284/)

16.12.2011, 15:30
Force Indija objavila vozačku postavu za 2012.

Facebook stranica ... http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=2540593711068&set=o.236048529782518&type=1&ref=nf

19.12.2011, 13:49
McLaren je danas i zvanično saopštio datum predstavljanja njihovog bolida za 2012.

Facebook stranica ... http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=2556371305498&set=o.236048529782518&type=1&ref=nf

19.12.2011, 14:09
ne moras na dva mesta stavljat isto..

20.12.2011, 16:56
Alonso se razvodi ...

Facebook stranica ... http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=2561976765631&set=o.236048529782518&type=1&ref=nf

22.12.2011, 12:56
Luca di Montezemolo će se kandidovati za predsednika Italije

facebook stranica ... http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=2571298558670&set=o.236048529782518&type=1&ref=nf

22.12.2011, 13:44
Luca di Montezemolo će se kandidovati za predsednika Italije

Hahahahahhaha kakav lik.

22.12.2011, 15:10
Ferrari otkrio datum predstavljanja novog bolida

facebook stranica ... http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=2571772730524&set=o.236048529782518&type=1&ref=nf

28.12.2011, 18:34
Ferrari i Red Bull možda već imaju novi Konkord ugovor

FB stranica ..... http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=2602951869983&set=o.236048529782518&type=1&ref=nf

28.12.2011, 18:35
Montezemolo smatra da je Alonso i dalje No.1

FB stranica ... http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=2598672443000&set=o.236048529782518&type=1&ref=nf

29.12.2011, 09:24
Španski mediji tvrde da su pronašli pravi razlog otpuštanja Jaime Alguesruarija

FB stranica ... http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=2606392676001&set=o.236048529782518&type=1&ref=nf

29.12.2011, 20:59
Todt: Massa će se vratiti u formu


Vic godine :lol1:

10.01.2012, 13:28
Hamilton impresioniran Batonovim timom


10.01.2012, 13:35
Kimi Raikkonen ce provozati Reno iz 2010 godine 23 i 24 januara...u valenciji


10.01.2012, 13:38
evo kako su nekad izgledali trkacki kombinezoni a kako sad...od '60-tih godina pa do danas :)


10.01.2012, 13:49
evo moj 600-ti post na ovom forumu :) i evo jedna zanimljiva vest.

Da li je Formuli 1 potreban vozac broj 2 ?


10.01.2012, 14:41
I dalje mi nije jasno, zašto je Ferari naredio Barikelu da propusti Šumahera 2002. kad su imali dominantnu sezonu?

Inače, dobro je za Kimija što će moći da vozi bolid iz 2010. a ne iz 2009. jer je velika razlika između njih, a bolidi iz 2010. i 2011. su prilično slični osim što nemaju DRS i KERS.

10.01.2012, 14:56
I dalje mi nije jasno, zašto je Ferari naredio Barikelu da propusti Šumahera 2002. kad su imali dominantnu sezonu?

Inače, dobro je za Kimija što će moći da vozi bolid iz 2010. a ne iz 2009. jer je velika razlika između njih, a bolidi iz 2010. i 2011. su prilično slični osim što nemaju DRS i KERS.

Prvi deo - zato sto gospodin Zan Tod nista ne ostavlja slucaju, ako se secas Meklaren se malo osvestio pri kraju sezone, nije ih ugrozio, ali opet. Mirnije se spava, znali su oni da Barikelo ne moze do titule, a hteli su i jednu i drugu. Matematika je ponekad neeticna stvar.
Drugi deo - potpuno se slazem. Zato su i cekali da prodje nova godina, posto se gleda kalendarski da moraju biti dve godine, a ne dve sezone. Zato je na onim Ferarijevim testovima za Pereza i Bjansija koriscen bolid iz 2009. Iskreno jedva cekam, mislim da ima dosta ljudi kojima ce to biti vaznije od zvanicnih testova :)

10.01.2012, 15:01
to ni meni nece bit jasno tada je sumaher imao ogromnu prednost u sampionatu ispred montoye...i ta 4 boda mu nisu igrala ulogu tada....ali ferari je htio da sumaher uzme maksimum bodova na toj trci..a i 2001 godine na istoj stazi je barikelo prepustio sumaheru 2.mesto ali za to nisam siguran...

10.01.2012, 15:04
Drugi deo - potpuno se slazem. Zato su i cekali da prodje nova godina, posto se gleda kalendarski da moraju biti dve godine, a ne dve sezone. Zato je na onim Ferarijevim testovima za Pereza i Bjansija koriscen bolid iz 2009. Iskreno jedva cekam, mislim da ima dosta ljudi kojima ce to biti vaznije od zvanicnih testova :)
Da, i te kako.
Na ovom linku je neki lik napisao da ga brine to što misli da će to biti jedan veliki marketinški šou Lotusa.

,,Here’s a worry I have: Kimi’s first real time in a car could actually be a big PR moment for Lotus. I wonder if dumping him into an old car in Valencia of all places will meet the expectations. Maybe Lotus will put all its PR machinery into making sure it is a big event, though."
Mislim da se džabe brine, jer na ovoj vesti ( http://formula-one.speedtv.com/article/f1-kimi-raikkonen-set-to-test-2010-renault/ ) piše da je taj test Reno planirao za Kubicu.Kad bi hteli marketing, mogli su da ga stave u neku Dvokolicu 1 i da ga puste niz ulicu.

10.01.2012, 15:22
Mislim da ce tu biti i jednog i drugog.
Naravno da je takmicarski znacajno, za Kimija je sada bukvalno svaki sekund u bolidu (ne simulatoru) bitan, zlata vredan. Moguce da je stvarno sve spremano za Kubicu, ali i to bi bilo marketinski eksplatisano i tu dolazimo do drugog dela. Lotus ce gledati da izmuze svaki gram paznje koju ce dobiti ove godine. Mislim da ce oni takvim dogadjajima, privlacenjem novih i koriscenjem starih sponzora vratiti dobar deo Kimijeve ne bas male plate. Papogledajkako je predstavljen, ja to stvarno ne pamtim, da neko potpise i ima fotografisanje iste veceri. Uboli su zlatnu koku za promociju :D

10.01.2012, 15:33
I Pure testira V6 motor u julu


10.01.2012, 19:46
Špekulacija o veoma zanimljivoj inovaciji Lotusa

10.01.2012, 20:04
Špekulacija o veoma zanimljivoj inovaciji Lotusa

Zamisli da ima efekta kao dvostruki difuzor, pa da Kimi razbije sve zivo u ovom sampionatu. Mislim da bi to bilo takvo kolektivno obozavanje Kimija, odmah bi postao hiperlegenda ::)
A sad ozbiljno, Lotus je uvek bio ime za koje su se vezivale inovacije. Ovo bi moglo da bude jako efektivno. Malo me iz price podseca na onaj sistem koji postoji u Citroenovim ajkulicama.

10.01.2012, 21:49
Zamisli da ima efekta kao dvostruki difuzor, pa da Kimi razbije sve zivo u ovom sampionatu. Mislim da bi to bilo takvo kolektivno obozavanje Kimija, odmah bi postao hiperlegenda ::)
A sad ozbiljno, Lotus je uvek bio ime za koje su se vezivale inovacije. Ovo bi moglo da bude jako efektivno. Malo me iz price podseca na onaj sistem koji postoji u Citroenovim ajkulicama.
Moram da priznam, čim sam pročitao da pominješ da Kimi razbije, odmah sam kliknuo na lajk. XD
E sad moje mišljenje.Iako sam veliki fan Kimija, pre svega zbog njegovog čistog prirodnog talenta na stazi, trudim se da budem objektivan što više mogu.Činjenica je da je produvani difuzor više odmogao Renou nego što je pomogao, dok je drugima samo pomagao.Sada se ukidaju ti produvani difuzori i sistem se vraća na stari klasični.Samim tim, ostali timovi gube, a Reno dobija desetinke po krugu.Ako bi Lotus (Reno) uspeo to ili bilo šta drugo da unapredi, to je samo još koja desetinka plus i to je razlog zašto mislim da će biti brži od ostalih.R31 bi bio sasvim drugačije kotiran da nije imao problem sa produvanim difuzorom i da su izbacivali godišnje nadogradnje.To je sve stalo zbog odsustva prvog vozača tj. Kubice.Sad je tu prvi vozač, odnosno Kimi.

10.01.2012, 21:59
Najveci problem Renoa (Lotusa) u prosloj sezoni je bio onaj idiotski izduvni sistem sa cevima napred, odnosno ispod kokpita. Koliko god da je ideja bila revolucionarna i teoretski fino potkovana sa usmeravanjem gasova ispod bolida i prakticno njihovim aerodinamickim koriscenjem, pokazalo se da previse pregreva bolid i da dovodi vrlo blizu mehanickih ostecenja, pa taj bolid nije bio vozen na maksimumu i koriscene su siromasnije mesavine da bi se ogranicio rad motora i izduvni gasovi. Onda su promenili koncept ali je bolid postao nestabilan jer je aerodinamicki jako zavisio od dodatne stabilnosti koju je obezbedjivao onaj sistem. Realni tempo tog bolida u Kubicinim rukama i bez problema sa pregrevanjem bio je oko Mercedesa, ispred FI.

10.01.2012, 23:52
Upravo tako, mada ja mislim da se radi čak i o većim brojkama kada se misli na poređenje sa ostalim timovima.Kako god, bilo bi dobro da Lotus pronađe još nešto revolucionarno ili da unaprede aerodinamiku ili mehaniku bolida.To bi svakako pokazalo i dokazalo da je tim vrlo ozbiljan.Ako je došlo to vreme da Kimi opet ima top bolid, ne bih voleo da je dominantan i da se prošeta kroz šampionat.To je malo verovatno, ali čisto da kažem i to.Voleo bih da se cele godine jure prvih 5 timova što na stazi, što u boksevima, što sa unapređenjima bolida... pa da to bude još zanimljivija sezona od 2007. i 2010.

Šta je ovo, Ferari uzima i Mercedesu i MekLarenu mehaničare?

11.01.2012, 07:48
Šta je ovo, Ferari uzima i Mercedesu i MekLarenu mehaničare?

Stara, da ne kazem prastara maksima uspeha u F1, uzmi Britance i pobedices.

11.01.2012, 17:25
Sad kad je Lotusov sistem potvrđen kao legalan, sad se već može reći koliko je Lotus ozbiljno ušao u sezonu pre ostalih.Kako god, nadam se a i mislim da imaju još inovacija.

12.01.2012, 21:44
Novi Lotusov sistem

13.01.2012, 01:18
Slike Roberta Kubica iz juna i oktobra meseca

13.01.2012, 09:16
jos polomi istu nogu koju je operisao nece on ni sledecu sezonu vozit :(

13.01.2012, 09:28
Daleko od toga da ne želim da se vrati, treba da se vrati na grid, ali veliko je pitanje da li će ikada moći da se vrati i sedne u bolid.Trebaće mu nekoliko meseci da pripremi ono što mu je zdravo za vožnju, a o ruci i nozi koje je povredio da ne pričamo.Mislim da će njega ipak hteti Ferari 2013.Nije njima problem ako vozač nije 100% spreman jer Masu trpe i neguju već par sezona pa im neće biti problem da sličan odnos imaju prema Kubici s obzirom da im Alonso ostaje prvi vozač do 2016.

13.01.2012, 09:32
ovde se kubica ne spominje http://www.f1-serbia.com/najnovije/montezemolo-vec-trazi-zamenu-za-massu

13.01.2012, 11:25
Masa optimistan i kaze da ce moci da pobedi u novoj sezoni !


ja bi volio :)

13.01.2012, 11:30
Sauber ce predstaviti svoj bolid 6-og februara.


13.01.2012, 11:32
E ovo je zanimljivo...ali kao sto kazu nikad ne reci nikad...mada ja sumnjam da ce se to desiti..


13.01.2012, 11:46
Domenikali je izjavio kako je Alonso bolji od Vettela


13.01.2012, 12:39
Ne pominje se, ali on je prvi na listi vozača koji trebaju da upadnu na to drugo mesto.

,,Nikad ne reci nikad" za Fetela, a posle kako je Alonso bolji od njega.Ja mislim da tu nema nikakvih šansi.Nema Fetel šta da traži kod njih.Dve potpuno drugačije filozofije.Mnogi vozači hoće da voze u Ferariju zato što je to najtrofejniji tim.Ako se tim usredsredi, konkretno mislim na Red Bul, onda oni sami mogu da naprave ,,franšizu".Dve titule za redom već imaju, dakle to im je dobar temelj.Domenikali mi se nikada nije sviđao.Uvek je lupao gluposti, i uveč će da lupa.Od odlaska Žana Toda, u Ferariju su svi previše optimistični.Masa pod naletom adrenalina izjavljuje kako može do titule, Domenikali kaže kako je bolid super, dominantan, pere, pegla... Navijao sam a Ferari od kad znam za F1 pa do 2009.Malo sam kasno shvatio kakva se politika vodi kod njih.

Da se vratim na temu za Fetela.Kada je Fetel počeo da vozi 2007., navijao sam za Kimija ali sam povremeno obraćao pažnju i na Fetela.Fetel je mnogo fanova dobio kada je osvojio titulu, ali ja nisam jedan od njih.Bio mi je simpatičan i kao ličnost i kao takmičar od početka karijere.Mislim da neće da mrda iz Red Bula, a i ne treba, sve dok ima tim koji ga podržava u potpunosti.Oduvao je Vebera ove godine, i sad mu više nije prepreka.Pokazao se koliko je psihički sazreo tako što je najbolje vozio u nekim odlučujućim situacijama iako je imao kiks u Kanadi.Mislim da ima ogroman prirodni talenat kao i Kimi.Takve vozače mnogo podržavam jer su specifični i jako retki.

13.01.2012, 12:56
Kimmi Raikkonen: Zanimljive izjave
Kimi Raikkonen je jedan od onih momaka oko kojeg su podjednako zauzeti i F1 mediji i fanovi. Njegovo ponašanje i njegove opaske su često istaknute. Fanovi ga doživljavaju kao zanimljivog ali kritičari misle da nije sposoban dati umjesnu, pristojnu i pogodnu izjavu.
Evo nekih njegovih zanimljivih izjava, pa sami prosudite !

-„ Uvijek učite na greškama, ali ja nisam baš zainteresiran da se trudim shvatiti šta se desilo u prošloj sezoni. Ne možemo promijeniti ono sto se desilo u prošlosti, i to nam neće pomoći.“

-„ Moj život bi bio mnogo lakši da sam bio F1 vozač u 70-tim sa momcima. Definitvno sam rodjen u pogrešno doba.“

- „Konstruktorsko prvenstvo, za mene zapravo ne znači ništa.“

- „Ne zanima me šta kaže Jackie, on nema šta raditi samnom.“

-„Nije bitno ono što on govori.“ – (Kimi o Hamiltonovoj odbrani nakon Canada GP)

-„Vožnja je jedino što volim u F1.“

-„Postoji crveno svjetlo kad izlazite iz pitline-a i morate stati. Onda se neko drvenih očiju (Hamilton) zabije u vas i razbije vam auto.“

-„Ne zanima me šta ljudi misle o meni. Nisam Michael Schumacher.“

-„Staza je totalno loša. Svake godine ista stvar se dešava. Obećali su da će to srediti. Vjerovatno bi trebali zaposliti momke iz Lemminkäinena (Finska tvrtka za asfalt) da to naprave.“

- Montojin uspjeh u NASCARU ? – „To me baš i ne zanima!“

- Da li će nove gume imati koristi za vaš stil vožnje ? – „Ne znam i to ne znači ništa za mene. Gume su ono što jesu.“

- Koji savjet možete dati novacima Nici Rosbergu i Scott Speedu ? – „Nadam se da su dobri u sklanjanju s puta !“

- Da li mislite da je brzina dovoljno dobra u ovom momentu? – „Nije bitno koliko smo iza drugih u ovom trenutku, auto će ionako biti obnovljen do Australije. Trenutno samo kružimo okolo.“

- Interes medija za Kimija nakon WC ? – „Bacili su mnogo blata na mene, ali mislim da će ga sad biti još više.“

- Uloga Schumachera ? – „On ne dolazi i ne govori ništa nama vozačima. Barem ja ne trebam njegov savjet.“

- Montojini poeni ? – „Ako on vjeruje u to, može vjerovati. Mene ne zanima šta se događa iza mojih ledja.“

- Tračerski mediji se pitaju kako ste spremni za sezonu ? – „Obično iz vašeg magazina saznam šta sam učinio !“

- Montojina nesreća na tenisu ? – „Nismo u kontaktu i ne zanima me čim se bavi.“

- „ako će vojska biti volonterska ja tamo ne idem.“ – Kimi o ženama u vojsci.

- Na Raikkonena ne utječu Alonsove mentalne igre : - „ Ne zanima me šta taj čovjek misli.“

- Vremenski uvjeti : - „ Sve je isto, bila kiša ili ne.“

- Sezona 2006 : - „ Još me ne zanima šta će se dogoditi. Vidjećete tad.“

- Talijanski intervjuer pokušava nagovoriti Kimija da kaže nešto na italijanskom:
Kimi : „Vi možete govoriti italijanski ako želite.“

-Dogadjaji u Ferrariju 2007: - „Neću ići u školu jezika da učim italijanski, nisam to došao raditi u Ferrari.“

-Kimi, kako izgleda 5 mjesto na gridu? - „ Kao 5 mjesto na gridu.“

-Ferrari zabava : - „ Ferrarijeve zabave su lijepe. Tu je cijela ekipa i njihova djeca. Ne znam šta ću tačno tamo raditi, možda ću biti djed mraz. Ostale zabave su službene i dosadne.“

-Upitan da objasni koliko je funti ili kilograma skinuo -„ Ne znam, nisam mjerio. Sretan sam dok smo uredu sa ukupnom težinom, to je sve što je bitno.“

-Party u Predsjedničkoj palači: - „ Mislim da ću preskočiti plesni dio. Možda neko drugi bude plesao sa Jenni ako bude htjela.“

-Madjarska GP 2007: - „ Dosadna utrka“

-OHO!-Magazin broj 46/2006 : - “ Negdje sam pročitao da vozim pijan.(the luck of a drunk)

-Mišljenje o Ron Dennisu: - „ On je čudan, sad i onda. Želi uvijek sve znati. On me ne zanima.“

-šta mislite kakva je sad atmosfera u Mclarenu(špijunska afera)? - „ Kladim se da je j... super! „

-Kakav je osjećaj voziti 300 km/h? - „ It feels normal.“

-Vaši idoli? - „nema ih.“

-Kakav odnos imate sa Peter Sauberom? - „ On mi je šef.“

13.01.2012, 12:57
Poslije kimija evo i još nekoliko zanimljivih izjava drugih vozača :

"Da se Chris posveti grobarstvu, ljudi bi prestali umirati." (Mario Andretti o Chrisu Amonu, najnesretnijem" vozaču u povijesti F1)

Graham Hill u Monacu na pitanje o velikoj ravnici: Vidite, ta predivna i vrlo duga ravnica omogućava ljudima poput nas, kad izjurimo iz jednog zavoja, da dodjemo do idućeg...

"Jedina inteligentna stvar u Mansellovom bolidu je ovjes." - Michele Alboreto

"Lotus 30 sa deset grešaka više." - Richie Ginther o Lotusu 40

"Oh, ništa, samo tražim svoje uho." - Niki Lauda, u šetnji Nurburgringom, upitan od skupine turista šta ondje radi.

"Ne, danas želim biti jedanaesti!" - Nelson Piquet, s entuzijastičkim osmijehom na licu, odgovarajući na pitanje TV reportera želi li pobijediti, prije starta utrke.

"To što sam pustio ženu samu u shopping!" - Mario Andretti, na pitanje koja je najludja stvar koju je napravio u Monte Carlu.

Mario Andretti: "Ako se sve odvija pod kontrolom znači da vozite presporo."

1958: "Bila je to sjajna utrka. Nitko nije poginuo."- Juan Manuel Fangio

David Coulthard, Španjolska 2003, komentira Alonsa: "Posudio je obrve od Mansella, mora biti da je zato tako brz."

"Bolid je podupravljiv poput svinje" - Irvine o Ferrariju F310.

"Ferrari vozi kao kamion" - A. Prost 1991.

Piquet o Mansellu - "On ima dvije najružnije žene u F1, prva mu je žena, a druga je statua njegove žene koja je izgradjena u njegovom vrtu."

"Osobna pobjeda bi za mene bila, da mogu uvjeriti Ayrtona, da u životu postoje druge stvari, osim utrkivanja." - Alain Prost

"Ja nikad ne gubim, ja samo odgadjam pobjedu." - Mika Hakkinen

Martin Brundle (bivši F1 vozač, danas novinar): "Mika, Mika, bok Mika, bi li danas želio razgovarati sa mnom?
Hakkinen (hladnokrvno):"Ne."

Murray Walker: "Bernie, prošlo je nekih 17 godina od kada si kupio McLaren. Bilo je dobrih i loših trenutaka. Koje najviše pamtiš?"
Ecclestone: "Ne sjećam se da sam kupio McLaren."

"Arnoux je najbrži vozač...za jedan krug. Za cijelu utrku je jednostavno preglup" - Alain Prost.

Novinar: "Koji ti je najuzbudljiviji trenutak tijekom trkaćeg vikenda?"
Kimi: "Mislim da je to start, uvjek."
Novinar: "A najdosadniji?"
Kimi: "Sad."

"U moje vrijeme gume su bile tanke, a vozači debeli." J.M.Fangio

05.02.2012, 00:05
,,Formula 1 dolayi u Vegas" događaj.

07.02.2012, 10:39

07.02.2012, 14:10

14.02.2012, 13:10
Ostavljam link ka svom blogu :)

Do sada sam napisao analize o Meklarenu,Ferariju,Red Bulu i Katerhamu kao i kratku retrospektivu sa testiranja u Herezu (narednih dana planiram da napisem analize i za preostale automobile).

Naravno sve je ovo sa gledista "eksperta" iz fotelje tako da se unapred ogradjujem ako moja razmisljanja o nekim resenjima na automobilu nisu u skladu sa stvarnim namenama tih resenja :D Sve kritike,sugestije i pohvale dobrodosle ;)

14.02.2012, 18:45
Pročitao sam sve analite za prvih 5 timova.
Ovo je bez ikakvih osnova i previše subjektivno napisano:
,,Vreme koje je Raikonen izvezao prvog dana je postavljeno na novim medijum gumama i sa malom količinom goriva, što je dobar marketinški potez jer je «Ledeni» odmah dospeo na naslovne strane."
Da su hteli marketing stavili bi mu soft a ne medium gume.I ne znam otkud ti informacija, ili bilo kome, da je baš Kimi vozio sa malo goriva lični najbrži krug?Šta, svaki tim koji je postavio neočekivano dobro vreme odmah je prazan, a svako ko postavi vreme ispod očekivanog odmah je natankovan i krije nešto kod sebe.

,,Utisci sa staze o automobilu su uglavnom povoljni uz napomenu da auto ima malih problema sa preupravljanjem, ne baš najstabilniji zadnji kraj uz često blokiranje zadnjih točkova."
Ja sam svaki mogući tekst o Lotusu pročitao od testiranja pa na dalje i nigde nisam video da se žale predupravljanje ili na zadnji kraj.Grožan je rekao kako je bolid jako lak za upravljanje i da je predvidiv.Kimi je rekao da mu je bolid perfektno podešen (tako on kaže) za sada.

Apsolutno nemam ništa protiv bloga, to je super.Ali ne možeš tako nasumice da napišeš nešto za šta nemaš dokaz.Sa prvog testiranja ne mogu se nikakve informacije o poretku izvući.Mogli smo samo da zaključimo koji timovi imaju pouzdan i izdržljiv bolid a koji ne.Pored toga, mogli smo još najviše jednu stvar da zakljulčimo a to je da Kimi i Grožan (povratnici u F1) nisu izgubili na brzini.
Eto ja navijam za Lotus, to ne znači da svi moraju, svako ima pravo na izbor i mišljenje ali treba biti realan.Reno je prošle godine bio 5. u šampionatu i nisu razvijali bolid iz dva glavna razloga: 1) prednji izduvni sistem na kome je ceo bolid bio zasnovan i promenom toga bi značilo da se ceo bolid pravi ispočetka. 2) imali su dva neiskusna vozača Petrova i Senu, i nije bilo smisla da se zalažu za taj bolid.

Ovo tehničko objašnjavanje je sasvim ok, za moj ukus malo više stranih izraza.Neke je nemoguće prevesti ali trebamo da se trudimo gde i kad možemo da ubacimo domaću reč onda da to i uradimo.

14.02.2012, 20:04
Pročitao sam sve analite za prvih 5 timova.
Ovo je bez ikakvih osnova i previše subjektivno napisano:
,,Vreme koje je Raikonen izvezao prvog dana je postavljeno na novim medijum gumama i sa malom količinom goriva, što je dobar marketinški potez jer je «Ledeni» odmah dospeo na naslovne strane."

To je opste misljenje izvestaca, neki su cak i pre prvog dana tipovali da ce Raikonen postaviti najbrze vreme prvog dana.Nesto slicno kao kad je Vilijams prosle godine trebao da izadje na berzu pa je Barikelo bio najbrzi u Herezu (a posle se zna kako se njihova sezona odvijala).Tu si u pravu malo sam neoprezno to napisao, trebalo je da napisem " vreme postavljeno najverovatnije sa malom kolicniom goriva" kao sto sam napisao za Ferari.

Za utiske sa staze sam napisao da poticu od ljudi koji su bili na licu mesta i videli automobile na delu (cak sam i naveo od koje dvojice pretezno), za svaki tim sam se trudio da napisem utisak jedino ako su najmanje 2 coveka iznela takav utisak (da bi izbegao subjektivnost, mada se radi o iskusnim izvestacima i ljudima koji su deo F1) ;)

Ovo tehničko objašnjavanje je sasvim ok, za moj ukus malo više stranih izraza.Neke je nemoguće prevesti ali trebamo da se trudimo gde i kad možemo da ubacimo domaću reč onda da to i uradimo.

Jedan od ciljeva mi je bas da izbegavam strane reci da bi tekstovi bili sto jasniji.Prebrojao sam da sam ukupno u 5 clanaka koristio 8 razlicitih stranih reci.Ako je to mnogo, onda OK.Ako nije problem samo da mi ukazes gde sam mogao umesto strane reci da koristim domacu, bio bih zahvalan, jer mi moze koristiti za ubuduce ;)

14.02.2012, 20:43
Što se tiče stranih izraza:
bodywork, može da se prevede kao oplata.
karbon fiber, to je u prevodu uglenično vlakno ma da se i u stranom obliku vrlo često koristi.

,,Novi automobil po izgledu u dosta segmenata podseća na prošlogodišnji Red Bulov RB7"
Možda je ovo malo preuveličano.Jeste da je RB7 standard koji treba pratiti ali mislim da se ne može reći da CT-01 u dosta segmenata liči na njega.

Inače, kada je 2009. Red Bul uveo ta rogasta uzvišenja (mesto gde su 2012. grbe), govorilo se da to poboljšava usmeravanje vazduha na zadnje krilo.U krivini vazduh koji naleti na to uzvišenje biva preusmeren više ka sredini bolida.

Jako me interesuju predstojeće analize Lotusa.Ja sam solidno analizirao taj bolid i zaključio da ima dosta inovativnog.Međutim, ceo padok se još trese od Njuijevih prošlogodišnjih novotarija.Onda se javlja psihološki efekat da šta god Njui uradi na tom bolidu da je to nešto neverovatno revolucionarno i svi to odmah analiziraju.Od najobičnijim rupama se priča kao o F-Ductovima.Slična priča je i sa Ferarijem jer su oni večiti favoriti ili oni koji jure, a možda malo i MekLaren bije taj glas.S druge strane, jako se malo obraćalo pažnje na Vilijamsov niski položaj menjača.Ne samo Vilijams, i drugi timovi su imali po nešto inovatino ali nepopularno zato što su nadpopularisani od strane RB7 i Njuija.

Ja ću možda o tome da pišem na ovom forumu u F1 kolumni, ali voleo bih da vidim i tvoju analizu Lotusa.
Na primer, vidi se koliko im je zadnje vešanje niže nego ostalima.Vidi se po tome što Red Bulu kost ide malo iznad izduva a Lotusu ta kost ide par centimetara ispod izduva.Prednost Lotusa je tu što im se ne greje niti jedna komponenta koliko sam primetio, osim naravno one komponent koju ciljaju gasovima.U njihovom slučaju mislim da je to isto kao kod Red Bula, zadnje zakrilce.Red Bulu je ta kost dodatno zaštićenja pa se ne pregreva.Ali Ferarijevi i MekLarenovi izduvi mi se ne sviđaju jer mislim da pregrevaju gume.Nemoguće je toliko snažne i podivljale gasove toliko precizno usmeriti.Mala promena ugla skretanja, brzine, jačine i pravca vetra, rezultiraće neočekivano skretanje izduvnih gasova i udaraće na gume.Ti gasovi imaju temperaturu oko 900 stepeni C a izlaze brzinom 600-700 km/h.Samo par stepeni C je dovoljno da se gume urnišu i pregreju.Prednje vešanje su takođe snizili.Promenili su prednje krilo.Imaju ubedljivo najveći izlaz is usisnika za vazduh koji cilja na zakrilce.Mislim da koriste neki način da vazduh iz bočnih usisnika sprovedu u taj srednji vazdužni otvor sa ciljem da sav taj vazduh ide na zakrilce.Mislim da su se zato za razliku od Red Bula odlučili da izduvi idu malo više ka spolja kako se ne bi međusobno remetili izduvni gasovi sa čistim vazduhom iz usisnika.

14.02.2012, 23:15
Što se tiče stranih izraza:
bodywork, može da se prevede kao oplata.
karbon fiber, to je u prevodu uglenično vlakno ma da se i u stranom obliku vrlo često koristi.
Hvala na sugestiji.Za bodywork bi adekvatan prevod bio limarija, da nije f1 automobil u pitanju :) Iskreno , po meni oplata možda nije najsrećniji prevod jer nisam siguran da bi svi to adekvatno protumacili ;)

,,Novi automobil po izgledu u dosta segmenata podseća na prošlogodišnji Red Bulov RB7"
Možda je ovo malo preuveličano.Jeste da je RB7 standard koji treba pratiti ali mislim da se ne može reći da CT-01 u dosta segmenata liči na njega.

Mislio sam vizuelno (zato sam i napisao "po izgledu") i to pre svega na zadnji deo automobila (počevši od otvora za hladnjake, preko coke bottle zone pa do otvora preko koga izlazi zagrejani vazduh).Ako se uzme u obzir da imaju isti motor kao Red Bul i da po osnovu tehničke saradnje koriste njihov menjač kao i da koriste isti tip vešanja onda ta sličnost i ne čudi toliko.

U svakom slučaju, drago mi je da si pažljivo čitao i voleo bi da vidim i tvoje viđenje novog Lotusa ;)

15.02.2012, 00:14
Sutra po podne, tj. već danas, ću da da što detaljnije analiziram Lotusovu verziju iz verziju koja je prikazana u Herezu.Ako ti se bude svidelo, možeš slobodno da uzmeš za svoj blog šta ti treba, ne tražim kintu za kopirajt XD

16.02.2012, 08:39
Zanimljiv članak:http://www.yallaf1.com/2012/02/15/a-chat-with-marc-priestley-former-mclaren-chief-mechanic/

15.03.2012, 20:41
Z fanove Kimija.Vrlo simpatično.Angry Birds XD

22.03.2012, 22:39
Senna’s first Formula One car for sale - BBC Top Gear (http://www.topgear.com/uk/car-news/sennas-first-formula-one-car-for-sale-2012-03-21)

26.03.2012, 10:09
Parr napušta Williams (http://www.autosport.com/news/report.php/id/98402)

27.03.2012, 21:52
Rehidratacija vozača tokom trke, ceo tekst pročitajte na ovom linku.

Of course, what goes in must come out; it’s not unusual for drivers to head off to “take a leak” before the race. However, some drivers have a preference for sitting in the car for a longer period before the race starts, with several drivers being well known to take their comfort break while actually sat in the car. The puddle of fluid gathering under the car can often catch out the inexperienced mechanic, who thinks it’s come from the car itself. Much to the hilarity of the older mechanics, you can imagine, who ask the youngsters to find out what has caused the leakage from the car.

Ne mogu da verujem da neki vozači mogu da se olakšaju u bolidu!

30.03.2012, 07:37
Mercedes traži od FIA razjašnjenje o Meklarenovom izduvnom sistemu. (http://www.f1today.net/en/news/mercedes-questions-mclarens-exhaust-solution/)

30.03.2012, 10:14
Mercedes traži od FIA razjašnjenje o Meklarenovom izduvnom sistemu. (http://www.f1today.net/en/news/mercedes-questions-mclarens-exhaust-solution/)
Tako, tako!Samo nega se prozivaju, Lotusu ne smeta. haha

Vanja #66
30.03.2012, 11:43
Mercedes traži od FIA razjašnjenje o Meklarenovom izduvnom sistemu. (http://www.f1today.net/en/news/mercedes-questions-mclarens-exhaust-solution/)

A do pre par dana su pricali kako se nece zaliti... :lol1:

30.03.2012, 12:35
Pa neće jer vide da nema vajde od toga a džabe bi se zamerili.Ne znam zašto iz Mercedesa upiru prstom baš na McLarenov sistem kada su na početku prvo skretali pažnju na Red Bulov.Možda zato što su videli da je McLaren bolji.

01.04.2012, 09:00
Kao sto Debeli kaže,sve je to deo igre,ovakve zahteve timovi uglavnom podnose da bi znali u kojoj meri mogu da unaprede rešenja koja kopiraju od drugih i ne bi li iščačkali neku dodatnu informaciju.

05.04.2012, 13:59
Peticija za očuvanje VN Belgije ... http://www.grandprixf1.be/home.html

Vanja #66
06.04.2012, 18:10

Legenda je preminula... Pokoj mu dusi! :hat_1:

11.04.2012, 21:04
Saopštenje Lotus Grupe (http://www.autosport.com/news/report.php/id/98706)

Vanja #66
27.04.2012, 15:05


Znaci, mozda ce dobiti kompletnu crash-strukturu... Idalje mi staklo kao na borbenim avionima deluje bolje, ovo moze da ometa vidljivost...

29.04.2012, 11:13


Znaci, mozda ce dobiti kompletnu crash-strukturu... Idalje mi staklo kao na borbenim avionima deluje bolje, ovo moze da ometa vidljivost...

Evo druže ... http://www.f1srbija.rs/index.php/f1-vesti-f1-news/934-fia-testirala-sititnik-za-vozace

a ovde imaš i snimak ... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jgHh4V0WYCs

Vanja #66
29.04.2012, 16:17
Evo druže ... http://www.f1srbija.rs/index.php/f1-vesti-f1-news/934-fia-testirala-sititnik-za-vozace

a ovde imaš i snimak ... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jgHh4V0WYCs

Hvala lepo, snimak sam pogledao na sajtu ciji je link postavljen na kraju texta koji sam ostavio...

29.04.2012, 19:07
Avionski kokpit je definitivno najefikasniji i najbolji za vozače.Ako dođe i do tog poslednjeg koraka u bezbednosti vozača, onda svakako treba ići na soluciju tog avionskog kokpita.Ne znam koliko je to neophodno ali pitanje ljudskog života ne trebamo mi da rešavamo.

Vanja #66
29.04.2012, 21:40
Avionski kokpit je definitivno najefikasniji i najbolji za vozače.Ako dođe i do tog poslednjeg koraka u bezbednosti vozača, onda svakako treba ići na soluciju tog avionskog kokpita.Ne znam koliko je to neophodno ali pitanje ljudskog života ne trebamo mi da rešavamo.

Ali uvek mozemo da diskutujemo! ;)

OK je ovo sa rol-hupom, ali deluje mi ruzno, amaterski i cini mi se da ce uticati na preglednost, na krajnje negativan nacin... Padaju mi napamet oni BMWovi rogovi iz 2008. ili 2007. ali oni su bili dosta dalje i bili su potpuno tanki... Kokpit je nesto sto bi trebalo najozbiljnije razmatrati, to je moje misljenje na osnovu onoga sto sam video i onoga u cemu sam sedeo...

Vanja #66
08.05.2012, 13:58

Secamo se legende...






08.05.2012, 15:28
Pocivaj u miru majstore i vozi na nekom lepsem mestu

Vanja #66
22.05.2012, 13:03

Mnogo dobar tekst o Pirelli gumama, timu ljudi i procesu proizvodnje i alkoacije...

27.12.2013, 23:41

Čika Suki, Srbin s najboljim poslom na svetu (http://mondo.rs/a647253/Sport/Ostali-sportovi/Cika-Suki-Srbin-s-najboljim-poslom-na-svetu.html)

Vanja #66
28.12.2013, 07:34
Fin intervju, malo previše urban/fensi izraza, ali ako se to zanemari, fine se stvari mogu naučiti...

29.12.2013, 23:14


Vanja #66
30.12.2013, 09:45
Ljudi iz hotela u kom je bio smešten su juče rekli da je doživeo samo blaži potres mozga... Lele... :(

30.12.2013, 09:47
Svi su slagali, tako je bilo prvo da je svestan da bi bolnica sinoc u saopstenju rekla da je bio u komi kada su ga dovezli. Videcemo, ne svidja mi se ovo sve. Neki feeling i iskustvo pracenja ovakvih situacija na drustvenim mrezama.

30.12.2013, 10:02
Evo za sve koje zanima UZIVO konferencija za stampu iz bolnice gde je Sumi, izdrzi tebra ne zajebavaj se.


30.12.2013, 10:06
Ja ne razumem ništa ali valjda će ubrzo nešto da prevedu. Definitivno je ozbiljna stvar čim se saziva konferencija na kojoj nije sam Šumaher.

30.12.2013, 10:09
Professor Payen continued: "We can say he is fighting for his life. We judge him to be in a very serious situation. We cannot tell what the outcome will be yet. We are working hour-by-hour but it's too early to say what is going to happen and to have a prognosis.

"We think his helmet did help, without a helmet he wouldn't be here now."

30.12.2013, 10:10
U komi je,ucinili su sve sto su mogli... sada cekaju da li ce se probuditi ili ne. Bas je teka situacija...

30.12.2013, 10:10
OK... Pozitivno, nije ponovo operisan i koma je vestacka a ne posledica udarca. Negativno, stanje se ni skoro 24 sata kasnije nije stabilizovalo, to kod povreda glave nikad nije dobra vest.

30.12.2013, 10:13
Ovaj "Cvikeras" rekao da je vidjao takve povrede i da nije bez nade made je kaciga samopomogla da postoji nada.

30.12.2013, 10:15
Nada je takodje sto ima 45 god. da je stariji ... :mute:

30.12.2013, 10:20
Kada doktori kazu da stvari posmatraju od sata do sata... Bice bas gadno, sreca da je on jos uvek u savrsenoj kondiciji.

30.12.2013, 11:48
Izdrzi majstore,mozes ti to.:pravda::pravda::pravda:

30.12.2013, 11:53
Šampione i legendo pobedi i sad ovu trku kad je najteže, možeš ti to.

30.12.2013, 20:40
Nisam našao novosti. Ovo će (na sreću ili žalost) da potraje par dana pre novih, nadamo se dobrih, informacija.


30.12.2013, 22:46
...dakle,sudbina ne bira ni vreme ni mesto...jednostavno uzima stvar u svoje ruke....nema velikih i malih,bogatih i siromasnih,slavnih i obicnih...svi smo pod istom kapom,i cekamo svoj red...legendo,bori se..